FIFA 19 Review

I like this game, its very very addictive, has great replayabilty and has a very wide skill level …. but …. its got worse over the years imo.

One of the essential things in MP gaming is to have decent servers, I can’t say that FIFA 19 does, so be prepared to rage and to be raged at whilst u cannot figure out why you randomly get really bad ping whilst ure playing, some days its fine .. then the next ure screwed no matter how many time u restart ure pc & internet connection – Initially tried to combat this by limiting the servers to the EU and then by turning cross-play off …. made no difference n its only this game that in my steam list that I get connection issues with? – The only fix i found is to forget about it and find another MP game on ure library in the mean time.

The items that u get in game, well tbh dont really matter as they have no effect on the gameplay at all.

They have added a FIFA pass where u can gain a whole load of items that u cannot delete or even even trade in to get a better item if u dont particularly like the ones u got, ure just forced to keep them :/ The only trading ure gonna get any fun out of this game is if u put ure hand in ure pocket big time.

Every now n then psyonix holds events where u can actually select the items that u wish to purchase using the in game currency that is provided at that time – this is great but Im finding that it just serves to remind me how bad the connectivity in the game is probably just cos im playing it more.

Also more new updates have been added that include a annoying flashing big icon on the screen reminding you how badly the connectivity of the game is programmed :/ when ure trying to concentrate on what u are actually trying to do , a big flashing light is not helpful or very user friendly – u cannot turn this off :/

Black Ops 4 – The Best Way to Hack with aimbot and walls

This is absolutely the best game I’ve ever played. Hands down. I’m not usually one to immediately fall in love with black ops 4, but this one had me at hello. From beautiful gameplay footage, to knowledge and timing based weapons with strengths and weaknesses to the crafting system (arguably the weakest point even then it’s mostly that you have to wander around gigantic maps to find little bits of whatever). Some upgrades you have to beat newer higher level players. Some monsters have a difficulty that’s somewhere between BDSM and a hard place. You’ll never walk into an area and steamroll everything. The quest system is, as with everything in this series, not going to hold your hand. Most of the time you have to find your objective unless you’ve already power levelled your research on that beast. All the weapons you have to figure out the timing to. The tutorials say “this is the weapon it’s heavy/light and leave the rest for you to figure out. The maps are huge and include everything from differences in plant life to vastly different terrain. It seems like a lot of time and effort went into crafting the sheer amount and design of these totally alien (to us) creatures. The animals interacting with the materials around them seems to be non existent, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. It would have been nice to kill a monster and find that it was eating an apple or whatever it eats. I have one gripe thats easily fixed. BO4 was optimized for the use of a controller (especially if you want the insect glaive). So using a keyboard can seriously affect your play. For example sometimes when hitting the ‘D’ key I would miss and hit ‘F’ which toggles focus on the different animals you’ve agroed. Here is how you get those hacks:

It goes from you controlling the camera with your mouse to snapped to that monster from behind you, which is both nauseating and irritating. Like I said this can be fixed by buying a $15 xbox 360 controller. The landscapes are absolutely gorgeous especially compared to the DS ones. The online interaction can sometimes be spotty, but as someone who works in networking for an ISP I can tell you that could be a million things between the game servers and your house. This is the best game I’ve ever bought. I did so 2 days ago and I’m at 16 hours already. If you’re thinking about this game, and with Steam’s money back guarantee if you don’t like it you just email them.

Black Ops 4 Mobile – Worth a Download?

So the Mobile verion of Black Ops 4 will be releasing soon this week. Here’s what you can expect!

  • Controls are honestly a little floaty at first, definitely stuck with unique schemes not shared by many games, NEEDS mapping.
  • The Characters have their audio and speech terribly limited, you get that kind of half effort but not really caring feel out of it.
  • The online connections still have some issues, but to their credit, they are improving.
  • The DLC at the moment, is a horrid joke, one which should never have been considered in the way that it is. Same for the delux version.
  • Not so much a huge negative, but something to remember, the PC version is a few versions behind the console versions, which makes sense. OH and you download it free here: black ops 4 apk


There’s not a whole lot that I dislike at the time being, it’s definitely got its grindy moments, and it takes a bit of getting used to. But overall, it’s a solid game that got a rather good port and definitely is worth playing.

But like always, I’d recommend getting a spectrum of reviews to check and see if you might want to take the chance on playing it and doing a refund if you don’t like it. Some of the negative reviews as of late just seem to be a bit…off to me, they are complaining about functions of the game that are well known for being the game, yet they blame it on the devs doing a bait and switch.

The game is different, it’s not the Same as past monster hunter titles, but it definitely IS a monster huntert title.

FIFA 19 Fut Points Guide

This is one of the best games I have played so far. It takes you on a journey, an odyssey if you will, that engages you with action and heartfelt moments. I am playing the Ronaldo, and her voice acting combined with the motion capture that animates her gestures and facial expressions breathes life into a game character that elevates the experience to new heights.

Graphically the game is beautiful, and the performance on an I7 7700k GTX 1070 with 16gb of memory at 2k has been around 50 t0 55 fps at Ultra High settings with adaptive vsynch turned on.

I feel like FIFA 19 is a masterpiece that gamers will be talking about for some time. One of the best ways to get free points in game is here: free fut points

However I did enjoy the game more then I dislike it. Gameplay is similar to fifa 18 but your have better players to choose from, graphics are overall good but with medicore performance, ship stuff is fun, and exploring ancient Greece is enjoyable.

Fortnite Battle Royale Skins Guide

the gaming world has witness in emergence of Battle Royale games Battle Royale in each other in the quest ring Supreme the hottest Contender fortnite Battle Royale witch for those of us who can’t seem to land a win is mostly about learning sick dance moves so we can embarrass our friends IRL but video game publisher Activision dude answer the Battle Royale call to put up a background recently been hit by a battle bus you’ve probably heard of fortnite Battle Royale it’s a game of skill dexterity an insane amount of Lumberjack we could go into a hole deeper than Dusty David explain the incredible story behind this game but that’s for another video which we’ve already made by the way 107 fortnite Battle Royale facts you should know and you can totally check that out after this video if you want that’s nice in July of 2017 gaming studio epic games released fortnite save the world which involves whelm saving the world from zombie like creatures after the game’s launch epic supplement to the title with a free to play Battle Royale format model done player unknowns Battlegrounds AKA pubg fortnite Battle Royale is a little different another battle royale games and that it has something that they don’t they build Dynamic that allows players to strategically hind Shield. One of my favorite aspects of Fortnite is the skins, and you can get them here: How to get FREE Skins in FORTNITE

themselves and gain height based tactical advantages adding cartoonish physics silly skinzwear dances and a guy who makes half a million dollars a month playing video games and you have an international success story of Duty Black Ops 4 blackout is the latest chapter in the largest gaming franchise in the world the Call of Duty series first launched in 2003 and has since pain more than 20 unique titles Call of Duty has come a long way since we bought the Third Reich in the original 15 years ago as a hold of franchise

Fortnite – is Season 6 Worth it?

I like simple that might be my new thing to rock also this is the pickaxe that goes with it oh my God with a little bit of a dark twist look at the spikes at the bottom as well wow I’m hyped about this skin I’m really high. David hype in the skin sense since the Q Bar since loading screen tent right loading screen 10 last season so there’s a lot of hype behind this thing next up here we’ve got the pickax do pickax for the scarecrow’s not too shabby where it works it works and here is some info the pickaxes named Thunder crash is the dark, that’s an awesome name Sunder crashed will the thunder Rarity epic Harvester is the name of scarecrow reap what you sow and the Rarity is rare finally we actually have a brand new emote as well and it’s the I didn’t know much about this meme but I’m pretty sure it’s kind of a big one it’s the tipos emote so I just looked it up cuz I literally have no background on it but I believe you just stand there and just do it yourself hilarious you guys know if you watch the game play I if I if I take someone down and it’s hilarious I’ll give him the wave man I will give them the wave because it’s simple it’s funny and I think this one might fit into that category very well so that’s what I’m looking to see if we could get that dark Palmer’s skin release but according to the spool while the fortnite guy he’s changed his name right now this actually makes sense as to why they could still have been released for both 30 minutes passed down time and did it should be released by now and so here’s the two options it’s either hidden in a hard to access file remember we skins like that like the Maximilian last week that happened with that skin or dark bomber is going to be a customisation! Now this is our I got my free season 6 battle pass

that is available for bright bomber so they’ll probably put bright bomber back into the store just like they do it tomato head and then you’ll be able to unlock that or just go for it or just have that availability if you own the bright bomber skin but you will have to buy the dark bomber set I’m pretty sure from the shop so if there’s any leaks on this if it does come out in a couple hours later so I am filming this video right at the time I will throw it in the pin comments down below and if you don’t see any links there probably means it hasn’t been released yet and we might just have to wait to see what happens I’ll keep you up-to-date on whatever changes make sure to subscribe to the channel for new around to your I have a video coming out tonight on all or this morning I guess on all the changes with brand new update there’s actually a few and so expect that of course touch that light but if you join thanks guys take care talk soon they don’t see me don’t see me don’t see me that’s all you got to do is just like I couldn’t stay there it was weird who is holy s*** dude Niceville oh my God hello on Ice coming on us above us who shoot yeah 33 in the head for nothing and once is the one from buying on me

My Assassins Credd Odyssey Review

I really, REALLY want to like this game, but everytime I kick it on, I always find myself thinking, “Where’s the rest of the game?” And, I’ve put my fair-share of time into the game by now, too, as you can see. The game is fun, but geez, it slows down SO fast. It’s worth the full price, and sadly, I’m not sure at what price this would be worth it. 🙁 I really, really want to have to change this review. PLEASE give me a reason to change it.

Assassins Creed has a Cool vibe, nice pace, decent sound effects. Poor depth. Developers lack creativity. You will eventually put the game down and promptly forget about it. It’s worth $15 max if you’re hard up. Which is how much it cost right now, so you hard up fools have something to play now.

It is definitely worth a download on your ps4 or xbox. I’m not sure I would play it other than that though. I’m not sure why the current reviews are marked as “mixed” – I understand that they released a faction as DLC and people are upset about it, but the factions are essentially minor bonuses or game rule changes. As for the game I would just get it for free from this youtube channel: Assassins Creed Odyssey FREE download

FIFA 19 in Review

Great game, awful community and matchmaking. Bought the game one day ago and I’m going against level 50s that are in discord calls and have extreme coordination. Not to mention they are extremely toxic. Don’t buy this game if you’re looking for a fun experience, it’s not unless you have a group of friends to play with. If your friends don’t yet have the game, you can get it for free here: fifa 19 free code

This game is heavily supported by the devs to make Ultimate Team the main objective and I know I suck at this game. Following with my argument, the main game designer can’t even play the game correctly, and gets wrecked by low teams and he didn’t even have good tier 3 perks or any perks at all, even though he is the main game dev. Couldn’t he just gain free Ultimate team coins though: :thinking: Following this argument again, I just suck at this game and if you want a new environment for a soccer game it’s worth it, but some people have mixed feelings about the game’s position.

I really did enjoy FIFA 19. The concept is amazing and there have been times I’ve had so much fun on this game the hours pass and I don’t even realize i’ve been playing so long. But then this game can also be so frustrating and rage inducing that you feel like you want to punch something. They continously struggle to balance this game. There are a lot of things that might ruin your experience while playing this game,

NBA 2k19 Mobile ios and android Review!

what’s going on over here the potential release date for NBA 2K 19 mobile and I said that is probably going to be released on the 11th of September and as we know right now that did not happen and I said if that didn’t happen is probably going to be released on the 20th of September we can really do is wait wait till tomorrow it’s not looking like I’m going to a couple reasons why I think it’s probably not going to be released to ask me know right now to can’t said nothing about the game so far on Twitter I tried contacting your Twitter you know the developers 2K support and I’m not got any answers man as much as I want confirmation that the game is going to be released I can make some preparations for the channel cuz right now I just have a lot of plans if the game is going to be Drive hope he’s going to be a banger off my chest with the main reason why I’m making this video is to let you guys know the potential reasons why to Canine T-Mobile might not be released and the main reason is because of money I’m explain that in a bit so to be honest you making the game or me to Canine T-Mobile there most likely going to stick with the free-to-play system looking for tonight for example look at pubg piracy and illegal downloading so as you know a lot of people on Android don’t get the game properly mods for NBA 2K 19 on mobile what is going to affect a lot of people not going to be happy because when you don’t buy the game they don’t get the money they won’t be motivated to make the game haven’t seen a lot of videos as well how to download you’re probably just mods like NBA 2K 18 for for one second. Also I recommend you get the nba 2k19 mobile here

I thought it was the actual game to let you know the potential reasons for the game not being released bro praying for the best but hoping for the best hoping that it comes out anyways or I so we Dodge Jeep and Dodge get in there we Dodge water move what are the things got like six lives are you kidding me

GTA 5 Review – Online is full of hackers?

Grand Theft Auto 5 can be incredibly fun when you are not being terrorized by a cheater or hacker. But you cannot play online for more than a couple hours before you encounter someone employing cheats such as driving/flying vehicles which cannot be damaged. Or spawning a toilet and campfire onto your character’s waist (which kills you from the fire). Or taking control of your character while you are playing. Or suddenly killing you with a bolt from the blue where, magically, no player is given credit for killing you.

In theory, you might be able to avoid the cheaters/hackers by playing in a Friends Only server. But Rockstar does not let you do anything interesting, like run your businesses, while in a Friends Only server. So you are stuck playing with random strangers which means that you WILL encounter a cheater/hacker before long. Heck, when you go online, it is likely to put you into a session which already has a cheater/hacker in it. Luckily Rockstar has a mobile version for ios and android which you can buy and play. However, I just got it for free here: gta 5 ios