How to get Verified on Instagram very quickly!

For years getting at magical blue check mark was the holy grail for interim users but now when scrambled allowed us about anyone to request a verification match.

people charged thousands of dollars to hook you up with verification but more likely they would probably just take your money and disappeared what was clear though is but in order to be verified you had to be famous enough for into famous enough that the people it it’s grant had to know about you in order for them to verify your account forthere to be enough thinking counts claiming you well friends that is no longer the case

Now you can go online and just watch a tutorial on youtube on how to do it for free:

three little bars at the top right hand corner at the bottom of the page there’s a settings options look at once in the options page scroll down to request verification the next page is a form that’s says a verified batches had


that appears next human instead of accounts name to indicate that we had caught is the upend make presence of a notable public figure soul every global brain serenity it represent

My Minecraft Review

Minecraft was always a fun game to play about a year back, but eventually you realize this game is not all that great. It gets old and never fixed. Throughout the times ive played with all the broken parts to the game and the poorly made anti-cheat they continue to release new skins! instead of caring about the cheater infested community they are running. Overall the game is ok.. but needs a lot of work.

Luckily, Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the entire world, so if you dont have many online friends, you can meet them on Minecraft. It’s the best to join a  random server that is locale to your area so you have low ping (ms). However, you will need to buy the game, I do find way to get minecraft for free here: minecraft free

Minecraft is geared to the mentality of a 6 year old. The gameplay is good but that’s where it ends. I still haven’t figured out how to stop the game without using Ctrl/Alt/Del then logging out. Also as matter of preference, I would prefer to stay in the 1st person mode as viewed through the eyes of the protaganist rather than move some clown around from an ariel point of view. Can’t move the player with the mouse only can change the view angle. Having to use the keyboard AND mouse to move stinks. Glad they are giving it away with new video cards as I would never pay for it. It was removed from my computer the same day as it was installed since I can better use the 40GB of disk space for something else.

Jailbreak iOS 12.1 Tutorial

iPhone OS 12.1 release date set your FaceTime, more than 70 new emoticons that the current and new functionalities and support for Es. iPhone, iPhone OS O12 12.1 Changes in New York, according to Apple’s larger iPad, iPhone and Mac Pro launch event and is available on the iPad. This you can do to be a part of a software update for the iPad means an additional rotation Pro 2018 venue. After last updated Apple, Android mobile operating system Google has launched a competition with three pixels on Pies. There are all you need to know about the following outside whether’r box always upgrade or iPhone or iPhone XR (very fast), iPhone OS 12.1 and XS new iPhone to iPhone, XSI with the previous iPhone, the OS (12). More than 70 new emoticons on October 2 after Apple’s official press release from Apple second red curly gray hair, as well as announced iPhone Developer Beta with options to start preparing for bald men OS 12.1. New pet food kangaroo and expression, Hummer (and sometimes food, always animals), and pretzels, muffins, softball, skating and other sports in here with a frieze. First, you can find the group here for FaceTime users is up to 32 persons. test, but it is currently limited because the iPhone case for using beta 12.1 MP must be paired with a person. Second, Apple bokeh (background blur) is with the iPhone and improves function on the iPhone XS maximum vertical mode. After you take a picture before we can just set blur. As they are now, you can adjust the blur in real time, suggesting photos with iPhone OS 12.1. This allows you to make a better portrait. Third,  iPhone support is appropriate settings menu and live and here is the guide: How to Jailbreak iOS 12 Untethered

But set up to capture simulation Dual SIM – iPhone OS 12.1 We have to wait until the start of supports that can happen to support the official release. Finally, the iPhone OS shows some bug fixes Release Notes 12.1. If you have a problem, this is very good news. iPhone OS iPhone XS XS maximum charge to solve the problem and you have to wait until Apple usually updates 12/2, but you resolve the problem. Fifth, although this feature, iPhone OS, see below 12.1 ipad2018fall code ‘and is interesting for us. It will probably be a 2018 version of the iPad Pro. New rumors iPad Pro camera and facial identity and Memoj for reducing Bezel truedepth means one iPad. Animoj many references to the iPhone OS, and soon to be 12.1 Memoj giant Apple in the tablet are.

Diablo Immortal Download Guide + Review

So Diablo Immortals for android and iOS was just announced today at Blizzcon. We got our hands on a copy of it and wanted to share our review:

I think the game is really fun, but the fact that people call it “fair” is just laughable.. Because I don’t think that getting gangbanged buy 4 enemies while I can’t do anything is fair… But other than that it’s really fun, tactical, and really satisfying.

I originally I have 1300+ hours on Diablo 3 but I just bought it on this account so yea … RIP wallet

-better bosses
-better graphics
-better gameplay
-meh story but it’s intresting enough to keep the Nerds Souls around.
-better controlls for PC.
-sexier armors
-and obviously high price to get your A$$ kicked one more time (seriously wtf DLC)
-weapons arts are just perfect it makes you nut. (not all weapons tho)
-onion bro.
-praise the sun \(T)/
-a lot of things I dont recall
-the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ community we love and respect.

as a Diablo’s fanboy since 2013 , whats not to love ?

Oh and you can get Diablo Immortal on Mobile here for free:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

RDR2 has a large and rich world to explore
RPG elements are still here but have become better

You never get higher than 2 lvls above any area so still challenging but not punishing
Fighting higher level enemies is possible but can be rough
Trying to assasinate higher enemies has cool mechanic that shows them reacting just a little bit faster than you and avoiding lethal damage.

Sparta kick nuff said

There is some great exploration mechanics and the ship is unlocked early giving a better method of travel early
You can recruit them to be Lieutenants on your ship
Only 4 slots so you rapidly fill those positions and run out of reasons to have more
Could have benefited from a system like Black Flag where you had them go collect resources on your behalf. Given a reason to keep recruiting.

Letting you upgrade gear if you find a stat set you like is great because there is a reason to keep
Feed junk gear to your better gear via breakdown. Here is how you get it for free:

Ubisoft game so there are still plenty of glitches to go around
The mercs are poor man nemesis system from Shadow of everything

Some of the narrative with the cult feels forced and cartoon villain like
“We are out to get power!” not really an explanation for motivations

Microtransactions are complete garbage and only detrimental to the overall game
They are at least not obtrusive and only there if you go looking for them

Leveling can be taxing if you do not follow a certain way to do it.

Game runs well on PC but is also CPU hog for no reason
Modders have already found how to better manage the ingame resources, but were slapped out of forums for “cheating”

FIFA 19 Review

I like this game, its very very addictive, has great replayabilty and has a very wide skill level …. but …. its got worse over the years imo.

One of the essential things in MP gaming is to have decent servers, I can’t say that FIFA 19 does, so be prepared to rage and to be raged at whilst u cannot figure out why you randomly get really bad ping whilst ure playing, some days its fine .. then the next ure screwed no matter how many time u restart ure pc & internet connection – Initially tried to combat this by limiting the servers to the EU and then by turning cross-play off …. made no difference n its only this game that in my steam list that I get connection issues with? – The only fix i found is to forget about it and find another MP game on ure library in the mean time.

The items that u get in game, well tbh dont really matter as they have no effect on the gameplay at all.

They have added a FIFA pass where u can gain a whole load of items that u cannot delete or even even trade in to get a better item if u dont particularly like the ones u got, ure just forced to keep them :/ The only trading ure gonna get any fun out of this game is if u put ure hand in ure pocket big time.

Every now n then psyonix holds events where u can actually select the items that u wish to purchase using the in game currency that is provided at that time – this is great but Im finding that it just serves to remind me how bad the connectivity in the game is probably just cos im playing it more.

Also more new updates have been added that include a annoying flashing big icon on the screen reminding you how badly the connectivity of the game is programmed :/ when ure trying to concentrate on what u are actually trying to do , a big flashing light is not helpful or very user friendly – u cannot turn this off :/

Black Ops 4 – The Best Way to Hack with aimbot and walls

This is absolutely the best game I’ve ever played. Hands down. I’m not usually one to immediately fall in love with black ops 4, but this one had me at hello. From beautiful gameplay footage, to knowledge and timing based weapons with strengths and weaknesses to the crafting system (arguably the weakest point even then it’s mostly that you have to wander around gigantic maps to find little bits of whatever). Some upgrades you have to beat newer higher level players. Some monsters have a difficulty that’s somewhere between BDSM and a hard place. You’ll never walk into an area and steamroll everything. The quest system is, as with everything in this series, not going to hold your hand. Most of the time you have to find your objective unless you’ve already power levelled your research on that beast. All the weapons you have to figure out the timing to. The tutorials say “this is the weapon it’s heavy/light and leave the rest for you to figure out. The maps are huge and include everything from differences in plant life to vastly different terrain. It seems like a lot of time and effort went into crafting the sheer amount and design of these totally alien (to us) creatures. The animals interacting with the materials around them seems to be non existent, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. It would have been nice to kill a monster and find that it was eating an apple or whatever it eats. I have one gripe thats easily fixed. BO4 was optimized for the use of a controller (especially if you want the insect glaive). So using a keyboard can seriously affect your play. For example sometimes when hitting the ‘D’ key I would miss and hit ‘F’ which toggles focus on the different animals you’ve agroed. Here is how you get those hacks:

It goes from you controlling the camera with your mouse to snapped to that monster from behind you, which is both nauseating and irritating. Like I said this can be fixed by buying a $15 xbox 360 controller. The landscapes are absolutely gorgeous especially compared to the DS ones. The online interaction can sometimes be spotty, but as someone who works in networking for an ISP I can tell you that could be a million things between the game servers and your house. This is the best game I’ve ever bought. I did so 2 days ago and I’m at 16 hours already. If you’re thinking about this game, and with Steam’s money back guarantee if you don’t like it you just email them.