Here’s to an awesome game! Monster Hunter World!

I first played it on my nintendo switch, I fall in love with it, it was so great, and I played it for actual 60 hours on handheld mode, *With family in the background, and sunrays on the screen and dust* it was just so good, was so happy when this came on sale, got it for $20 and couldn’t have been happier, I also tried fallout 4 after mhw tho, wasn’t what I thought, it was way more dark, with swearing, and ghouls jump scaring me all the time,
anyway, playing monster hunter world on my pc with mods is great, and a great game overall, amazing how good and immersive a game can get. If are you looking at purchasing the game, watch this youtube clip first: monster hunter world free key

Having played Monster Hunter World for 2 years now, adding up to 200+ hours of time, I’d say I’m pretty qualified to say that this game is a good game. Just good. This game is solid at almost everything it brings to the table. The graphics are amazing, and the dreary grey looks adds the already amazing atmosphere to the game. The civil war questline, while not too long, was always entertaining for me. While the characters aren’t as memorable as Oblivion’s, I have to say that when you see Hadvar after the war, it does put a smile on your face. This game is repetetive though. Very repetitive. And the enemy types weren’t as good as Oblivion or Morrowind. Even the cliche European mythical creatures of Cyrodill that EVERYONE HAS SEEN is still 100% better than ANOTHER DAMN DRAUGUR. I have to reccomend this game to ANYONE who hasn’t played any RPG games, and to anyone who;s only played god-awful ones like U N D E R T A L E.

How i get free ps plus every year!

While Playstation has made improvements with the NEXT update unfourtunately I can’t give this game a good recommendation and the reason being is that while the game is visually impressive the gameplay is just non existent. It is a repetative lackluster mess.

Talking to aliens just seems to be filler to give the player something to do and the removing of scrap to open chests and repairing of modules is just plain laziness from the developers to give the player something top do and the crashed freighters and ships, base building and missions are just as tedious. When I walk around a planet I immediately become bored because I know that on every planet there is just going to be the same repetative, boring filler no matter where I go. Luckily I just get my free codes from this youtube video: get free ps plus

I do not feel as though my actions are meaningful and while there has been updates to the game the problem with shallow gameplay has prevailed through all of them with little attempt to fix it. The procedural generation of this game is beyond amazing don’t get me wrong but I feel as though it’s a smokescreen to cover up the blandness this game is hiding.

The NEXT update really changed it all. The game is honestly worth it’s price now and they keep pushing out free updates. flying still feels a bit clunky but that could just be me. Has a pretty good learning curve.

Save the world is actually fun as!

I had no expectations going into Save the world. I didn’t follow the specifics of the pre-launch hype and bought it on sale after the Atlas Rises update.
Having no idea of what you really do in the game, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the strong compulsion loop of mine, craft, survive, expand. There is very little thinking involved and really clear what to do next objectives – find this mineral, travel to this place, craft this thing. However, i did get it for free watching this youtube clip: save the world free

Might sound a bit empty, but after a tiring day at work, it’s a great game to switch off to. Just fly around doing busy work while getting a sense of progression.
That being said, occasionally the progression loops get out of hand.
In the NEXT update you get a base and a freigther very early on (which is great) but in order to unlock blueprints for your base you need to do the main story, and to keep progressing through the story easily, you really need to upgrade your equipement, and to do that you need to find certain elements, which you need to craft certain pieces of equipment to obtain and by this time you’ve forgotten all about your base that you just wanted to expand a little.
But still with that sense of progress within each action, you never really get bored, if only a little lost at times.
Overall, a great game to chill out to with a big chunk of content to wander towards

Also, with the NEXT update a planet in my solar system was green with no bad weather and it’s made such a difference to find a ‘safe’ planet where I’m not always worrying about my hazard suit and can build a base to go out and explore from.