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While Playstation has made improvements with the NEXT update unfourtunately I can’t give this game a good recommendation and the reason being is that while the game is visually impressive the gameplay is just non existent. It is a repetative lackluster mess.

Talking to aliens just seems to be filler to give the player something to do and the removing of scrap to open chests and repairing of modules is just plain laziness from the developers to give the player something top do and the crashed freighters and ships, base building and missions are just as tedious. When I walk around a planet I immediately become bored because I know that on every planet there is just going to be the same repetative, boring filler no matter where I go. Luckily I just get my free codes from this youtube video: get free ps plus

I do not feel as though my actions are meaningful and while there has been updates to the game the problem with shallow gameplay has prevailed through all of them with little attempt to fix it. The procedural generation of this game is beyond amazing don’t get me wrong but I feel as though it’s a smokescreen to cover up the blandness this game is hiding.

The NEXT update really changed it all. The game is honestly worth it’s price now and they keep pushing out free updates. flying still feels a bit clunky but that could just be me. Has a pretty good learning curve.

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