Here’s to an awesome game! Monster Hunter World!

I first played it on my nintendo switch, I fall in love with it, it was so great, and I played it for actual 60 hours on handheld mode, *With family in the background, and sunrays on the screen and dust* it was just so good, was so happy when this came on sale, got it for $20 and couldn’t have been happier, I also tried fallout 4 after mhw tho, wasn’t what I thought, it was way more dark, with swearing, and ghouls jump scaring me all the time,
anyway, playing monster hunter world on my pc with mods is great, and a great game overall, amazing how good and immersive a game can get. If are you looking at purchasing the game, watch this youtube clip first: monster hunter world free key

Having played Monster Hunter World for 2 years now, adding up to 200+ hours of time, I’d say I’m pretty qualified to say that this game is a good game. Just good. This game is solid at almost everything it brings to the table. The graphics are amazing, and the dreary grey looks adds the already amazing atmosphere to the game. The civil war questline, while not too long, was always entertaining for me. While the characters aren’t as memorable as Oblivion’s, I have to say that when you see Hadvar after the war, it does put a smile on your face. This game is repetetive though. Very repetitive. And the enemy types weren’t as good as Oblivion or Morrowind. Even the cliche European mythical creatures of Cyrodill that EVERYONE HAS SEEN is still 100% better than ANOTHER DAMN DRAUGUR. I have to reccomend this game to ANYONE who hasn’t played any RPG games, and to anyone who;s only played god-awful ones like U N D E R T A L E.

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