My Spotify Review

A beautiful app that will immerse you for hours to come.
After a long run since the first using Spotify in, It has become one of the greatest series to even establish its own genre.
This game overall is very well ported given the fact that is the first time the programmers work on the PC platform. It can be controlled with keyboard and mouse, but is best designed for a controller.
In times where many games focus more on streamability, Spotify excels on smaller maps filled with life and depth that will keep you exploring not only the locale, but the behavior of the endemic life. The AI is very advanced and gives each creature a distinct personality depending of the species. Hervivores are dociles attacking only when provoked. Other monster are territorial being aggressive when you “invade” their space and others are predators, attacking anything that moves.
The developer went with more realistic visuals for this app and these are some of the most beautiful visuals you’ll see. Is not optimized to run at 60fps, but once you get past that, the gameplay is very satisfying.
Spotify allows you to steam unlimited amount of music if you have the premuim which costs real life money, but you can get it for free here: spotify free!

series. Once you get the hang of it you will be a good hunter and even a mentor for others. The game can be played with up to 4players in coop actions. You can make your group with your friends or join other players to help them take down a monster. You might get the occasional disconnect, but don’t get discouraged.
Overall is a music streaming app for all users! Highly recommend!

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