Photoshop CC 2018 Review



Doesn’t hold your hand and tell you what to do. Like a true artwork software, photoshop has a level of difficulty and discovery that makes every step forward feel like an achievement all on its own!

Photoshop is as close as I have seen to a realistic survival simulator, but also has fictional threats. It does a very good job of creating a sense of impending doom.

SINGLE PLAYER AND MULTIPLAYER MODES! Finally, a game that is really fun to play, that I can play with my friends, and when they need to log off, I can continue by myself! So many games being created lately are just one or the other. It’s refreshing to have the option.

Crafting is quite detailed and complex! It’s like a puzzle! “I have to make these before I can make this, and I need this to make that!” I love complicated crafting systems.

Graphics are exellent. Oh and you can get it for free: photoshop free

Map size is very large! Lots to explore!


Now remember, I said at the start, this is an opinion peice. In my opinion, it’s hard to learn theme in games has been done to death! *cough*… It would just be nice to see something new. It’s purely asthetic, as it would be easy to skin the zombies as aliens, or wild animals, or whatever.

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