NBA 2k19 Review

This is one of my favorite games of all time. I enjoyed the first NBA 2k19, but something was missing. It felt like there was only one optimum viable path for exploring the world even though it was “open world.” With NBA 2k19, however, the open world feels more overwhelming, in a good way, with viable choices that won’t stop you dead in your tracks if you didn’t first go explore in a different area first. There are dangers new players should avoid scattered everywhere, but they are mostly easily avoidable until you are stronger.

Second thing that comes to mind is that I love that everything is voiced, even the narrator. I don’t like sharing free stuff but, you can actually get the game for free here: nba 2k19 free download

First game was amazing, NBA improves on it in almost every way.
Devs listen to comunity and frequently update (see definitive edition, a massive overhaul that was completly free to all previous owners)
Gameplay is riveting and immersive, with deep character customization and the best turn based combat system I’ve ever experienced. This game has deep optimization possiblities for the min-maxers out there, all while keeping an immersive and interesting storyline (especially if you choose a character orgin)
For a first playthrough, I would definitly recommend playing on classic, as the tacticton difficulty cannot be switched out of in game, and is sometimes pretty unfair. (Classic mode is still pretty difficult, so don’t worry about getting bored)
I’d recommend this game to anyone who enjoys sports games (Tabletop or otherwise) and fans of turn based combat.

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