Grand theft Auto 6 Beta Review

So i just finished this game, pouring 25hrs of my time to “100%” it (stuck at 99 like many others due to bad coding) and i thought it was the best one of the rebooted series. Alot of things to do, some of which are very tedious and boring but overall, very satisfied. I will list some pros and cons below to help those decide if they truly want to play this game or not.

-Amazing Graphics
-Stunning underwater sections
-tombs (a few challenges that really rack your brain)
-photograph mode (makes for some wicked backgrounds)
-smooth movement, climbing, jumping and rapelling.
-guns sound way better and perform much better than previous two titles.

If you are interested, start by playing the gta 6 beta here:

-Story isnt terrible, but decently weak.
-Unlocking many Perks provide no BIG usefulness unless planning for new game plus run.
-Outfits in this game are very lacking. No shorts or jungle girl outfit????seriously?!? (my guess is due to objectification of women/Lara)
-Alot of framerate dips (yes, my system is beastly)
-Zero enemies after game completion
-game stuck at 99% completion even with everything done. If you plan on doing this, please keep in mind it probably will bug out on you. Im just Trying to save you time.

Overall score 7/10

Buy or wait for sale?

Wait for sale.

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