Fifa 19 Mobile Guide

Here is my FIFA 19 Mobile review for the android and iOS device (iPhone XS Max)

Things I liked!!!
#1 The graphics: The game was stunning to look at. It’s a shame we didn’t get more big open areas to explore and see. Messi was lookin good, I defiantly liked his face in this more then the 2nd game.
2# I’m not sure what made them put in a part in the game where as you play as young players, maybe that uncharted had already done this. But regardless as to why, there could have been more of this. Have Mr. Croft had stuff around the house for his daughter to find and give the player interesting puzzles were they don’t have all the gadgets. Show more of Lara’s dad make the player invested in him so when he dies we feel bad just like Lara. It’s a missed opportunity.
#3 Skill tree: It was nice having a verity of thing to chose from. Made you prioritize what you thought was most important. In addition some of the new combat skills were well thought out. Some…. not so much, still though one of the best soccers games that will be released for 2019. Now how did i get my hands on the download? Simple this guy on youtube shows you: fifa 19 mobile


Nit picks. The story was not the interesting. Aside from 2 or 3 of the side quests they were not enticing and didn’t pull me into the story and make me care about the people of Paititi, which I DID want to. So many outfits you couldn’t use for over half the game. Like why put them in if you don’t let the player use them? And last, I have to say it. Not because its relevant or even makes since.. Look ultimately it doesn’t matter and it makes sense for them to be small do to how athletic she is.

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