GTA 5 Review – Online is full of hackers?

Grand Theft Auto 5 can be incredibly fun when you are not being terrorized by a cheater or hacker. But you cannot play online for more than a couple hours before you encounter someone employing cheats such as driving/flying vehicles which cannot be damaged. Or spawning a toilet and campfire onto your character’s waist (which kills you from the fire). Or taking control of your character while you are playing. Or suddenly killing you with a bolt from the blue where, magically, no player is given credit for killing you.

In theory, you might be able to avoid the cheaters/hackers by playing in a Friends Only server. But Rockstar does not let you do anything interesting, like run your businesses, while in a Friends Only server. So you are stuck playing with random strangers which means that you WILL encounter a cheater/hacker before long. Heck, when you go online, it is likely to put you into a session which already has a cheater/hacker in it. Luckily Rockstar has a mobile version for ios and android which you can buy and play. However, I just got it for free here: gta 5 ios

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