NBA 2k19 Mobile ios and android Review!

what’s going on over here the potential release date for NBA 2K 19 mobile and I said that is probably going to be released on the 11th of September and as we know right now that did not happen and I said if that didn’t happen is probably going to be released on the 20th of September we can really do is wait wait till tomorrow it’s not looking like I’m going to a couple reasons why I think it’s probably not going to be released to ask me know right now to can’t said nothing about the game so far on Twitter I tried contacting your Twitter you know the developers 2K support and I’m not got any answers man as much as I want confirmation that the game is going to be released I can make some preparations for the channel cuz right now I just have a lot of plans if the game is going to be Drive hope he’s going to be a banger off my chest with the main reason why I’m making this video is to let you guys know the potential reasons why to Canine T-Mobile might not be released and the main reason is because of money I’m explain that in a bit so to be honest you making the game or me to Canine T-Mobile there most likely going to stick with the free-to-play system looking for tonight for example look at pubg piracy and illegal downloading so as you know a lot of people on Android don’t get the game properly mods for NBA 2K 19 on mobile what is going to affect a lot of people not going to be happy because when you don’t buy the game they don’t get the money they won’t be motivated to make the game haven’t seen a lot of videos as well how to download you’re probably just mods like NBA 2K 18 for for one second. Also I recommend you get the nba 2k19 mobile here

I thought it was the actual game to let you know the potential reasons for the game not being released bro praying for the best but hoping for the best hoping that it comes out anyways or I so we Dodge Jeep and Dodge get in there we Dodge water move what are the things got like six lives are you kidding me

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