FIFA 19 in Review

Great game, awful community and matchmaking. Bought the game one day ago and I’m going against level 50s that are in discord calls and have extreme coordination. Not to mention they are extremely toxic. Don’t buy this game if you’re looking for a fun experience, it’s not unless you have a group of friends to play with. If your friends don’t yet have the game, you can get it for free here: fifa 19 free code

This game is heavily supported by the devs to make Ultimate Team the main objective and I know I suck at this game. Following with my argument, the main game designer can’t even play the game correctly, and gets wrecked by low teams and he didn’t even have good tier 3 perks or any perks at all, even though he is the main game dev. Couldn’t he just gain free Ultimate team coins though: :thinking: Following this argument again, I just suck at this game and if you want a new environment for a soccer game it’s worth it, but some people have mixed feelings about the game’s position.

I really did enjoy FIFA 19. The concept is amazing and there have been times I’ve had so much fun on this game the hours pass and I don’t even realize i’ve been playing so long. But then this game can also be so frustrating and rage inducing that you feel like you want to punch something. They continously struggle to balance this game. There are a lot of things that might ruin your experience while playing this game,

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