My Assassins Credd Odyssey Review

I really, REALLY want to like this game, but everytime I kick it on, I always find myself thinking, “Where’s the rest of the game?” And, I’ve put my fair-share of time into the game by now, too, as you can see. The game is fun, but geez, it slows down SO fast. It’s worth the full price, and sadly, I’m not sure at what price this would be worth it. 🙁 I really, really want to have to change this review. PLEASE give me a reason to change it.

Assassins Creed has a Cool vibe, nice pace, decent sound effects. Poor depth. Developers lack creativity. You will eventually put the game down and promptly forget about it. It’s worth $15 max if you’re hard up. Which is how much it cost right now, so you hard up fools have something to play now.

It is definitely worth a download on your ps4 or xbox. I’m not sure I would play it other than that though. I’m not sure why the current reviews are marked as “mixed” – I understand that they released a faction as DLC and people are upset about it, but the factions are essentially minor bonuses or game rule changes. As for the game I would just get it for free from this youtube channel: Assassins Creed Odyssey FREE download

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