Fortnite – is Season 6 Worth it?

I like simple that might be my new thing to rock also this is the pickaxe that goes with it oh my God with a little bit of a dark twist look at the spikes at the bottom as well wow I’m hyped about this skin I’m really high. David hype in the skin sense since the Q Bar since loading screen tent right loading screen 10 last season so there’s a lot of hype behind this thing next up here we’ve got the pickax do pickax for the scarecrow’s not too shabby where it works it works and here is some info the pickaxes named Thunder crash is the dark, that’s an awesome name Sunder crashed will the thunder Rarity epic Harvester is the name of scarecrow reap what you sow and the Rarity is rare finally we actually have a brand new emote as well and it’s the I didn’t know much about this meme but I’m pretty sure it’s kind of a big one it’s the tipos emote so I just looked it up cuz I literally have no background on it but I believe you just stand there and just do it yourself hilarious you guys know if you watch the game play I if I if I take someone down and it’s hilarious I’ll give him the wave man I will give them the wave because it’s simple it’s funny and I think this one might fit into that category very well so that’s what I’m looking to see if we could get that dark Palmer’s skin release but according to the spool while the fortnite guy he’s changed his name right now this actually makes sense as to why they could still have been released for both 30 minutes passed down time and did it should be released by now and so here’s the two options it’s either hidden in a hard to access file remember we skins like that like the Maximilian last week that happened with that skin or dark bomber is going to be a customisation! Now this is our I got my free season 6 battle pass

that is available for bright bomber so they’ll probably put bright bomber back into the store just like they do it tomato head and then you’ll be able to unlock that or just go for it or just have that availability if you own the bright bomber skin but you will have to buy the dark bomber set I’m pretty sure from the shop so if there’s any leaks on this if it does come out in a couple hours later so I am filming this video right at the time I will throw it in the pin comments down below and if you don’t see any links there probably means it hasn’t been released yet and we might just have to wait to see what happens I’ll keep you up-to-date on whatever changes make sure to subscribe to the channel for new around to your I have a video coming out tonight on all or this morning I guess on all the changes with brand new update there’s actually a few and so expect that of course touch that light but if you join thanks guys take care talk soon they don’t see me don’t see me don’t see me that’s all you got to do is just like I couldn’t stay there it was weird who is holy s*** dude Niceville oh my God hello on Ice coming on us above us who shoot yeah 33 in the head for nothing and once is the one from buying on me

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