Black Ops 4 – The Best Way to Hack with aimbot and walls

This is absolutely the best game I’ve ever played. Hands down. I’m not usually one to immediately fall in love with black ops 4, but this one had me at hello. From beautiful gameplay footage, to knowledge and timing based weapons with strengths and weaknesses to the crafting system (arguably the weakest point even then it’s mostly that you have to wander around gigantic maps to find little bits of whatever). Some upgrades you have to beat newer higher level players. Some monsters have a difficulty that’s somewhere between BDSM and a hard place. You’ll never walk into an area and steamroll everything. The quest system is, as with everything in this series, not going to hold your hand. Most of the time you have to find your objective unless you’ve already power levelled your research on that beast. All the weapons you have to figure out the timing to. The tutorials say “this is the weapon it’s heavy/light and leave the rest for you to figure out. The maps are huge and include everything from differences in plant life to vastly different terrain. It seems like a lot of time and effort went into crafting the sheer amount and design of these totally alien (to us) creatures. The animals interacting with the materials around them seems to be non existent, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. It would have been nice to kill a monster and find that it was eating an apple or whatever it eats. I have one gripe thats easily fixed. BO4 was optimized for the use of a controller (especially if you want the insect glaive). So using a keyboard can seriously affect your play. For example sometimes when hitting the ‘D’ key I would miss and hit ‘F’ which toggles focus on the different animals you’ve agroed. Here is how you get those hacks:

It goes from you controlling the camera with your mouse to snapped to that monster from behind you, which is both nauseating and irritating. Like I said this can be fixed by buying a $15 xbox 360 controller. The landscapes are absolutely gorgeous especially compared to the DS ones. The online interaction can sometimes be spotty, but as someone who works in networking for an ISP I can tell you that could be a million things between the game servers and your house. This is the best game I’ve ever bought. I did so 2 days ago and I’m at 16 hours already. If you’re thinking about this game, and with Steam’s money back guarantee if you don’t like it you just email them.

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