FIFA 19 Review

I like this game, its very very addictive, has great replayabilty and has a very wide skill level …. but …. its got worse over the years imo.

One of the essential things in MP gaming is to have decent servers, I can’t say that FIFA 19 does, so be prepared to rage and to be raged at whilst u cannot figure out why you randomly get really bad ping whilst ure playing, some days its fine .. then the next ure screwed no matter how many time u restart ure pc & internet connection – Initially tried to combat this by limiting the servers to the EU and then by turning cross-play off …. made no difference n its only this game that in my steam list that I get connection issues with? – The only fix i found is to forget about it and find another MP game on ure library in the mean time.

The items that u get in game, well tbh dont really matter as they have no effect on the gameplay at all.

They have added a FIFA pass where u can gain a whole load of items that u cannot delete or even even trade in to get a better item if u dont particularly like the ones u got, ure just forced to keep them :/ The only trading ure gonna get any fun out of this game is if u put ure hand in ure pocket big time.

Every now n then psyonix holds events where u can actually select the items that u wish to purchase using the in game currency that is provided at that time – this is great but Im finding that it just serves to remind me how bad the connectivity in the game is probably just cos im playing it more.

Also more new updates have been added that include a annoying flashing big icon on the screen reminding you how badly the connectivity of the game is programmed :/ when ure trying to concentrate on what u are actually trying to do , a big flashing light is not helpful or very user friendly – u cannot turn this off :/

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