Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

RDR2 has a large and rich world to explore
RPG elements are still here but have become better

You never get higher than 2 lvls above any area so still challenging but not punishing
Fighting higher level enemies is possible but can be rough
Trying to assasinate higher enemies has cool mechanic that shows them reacting just a little bit faster than you and avoiding lethal damage.

Sparta kick nuff said

There is some great exploration mechanics and the ship is unlocked early giving a better method of travel early
You can recruit them to be Lieutenants on your ship
Only 4 slots so you rapidly fill those positions and run out of reasons to have more
Could have benefited from a system like Black Flag where you had them go collect resources on your behalf. Given a reason to keep recruiting.

Letting you upgrade gear if you find a stat set you like is great because there is a reason to keep
Feed junk gear to your better gear via breakdown. Here is how you get it for free:

Ubisoft game so there are still plenty of glitches to go around
The mercs are poor man nemesis system from Shadow of everything

Some of the narrative with the cult feels forced and cartoon villain like
“We are out to get power!” not really an explanation for motivations

Microtransactions are complete garbage and only detrimental to the overall game
They are at least not obtrusive and only there if you go looking for them

Leveling can be taxing if you do not follow a certain way to do it.

Game runs well on PC but is also CPU hog for no reason
Modders have already found how to better manage the ingame resources, but were slapped out of forums for “cheating”

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