Diablo Immortal Download Guide + Review

So Diablo Immortals for android and iOS was just announced today at Blizzcon. We got our hands on a copy of it and wanted to share our review:

I think the game is really fun, but the fact that people call it “fair” is just laughable.. Because I don’t think that getting gangbanged buy 4 enemies while I can’t do anything is fair… But other than that it’s really fun, tactical, and really satisfying.

I originally I have 1300+ hours on Diablo 3 but I just bought it on this account so yea … RIP wallet

-better bosses
-better graphics
-better gameplay
-meh story but it’s intresting enough to keep the Nerds Souls around.
-better controlls for PC.
-sexier armors
-and obviously high price to get your A$$ kicked one more time (seriously wtf DLC)
-weapons arts are just perfect it makes you nut. (not all weapons tho)
-onion bro.
-praise the sun \(T)/
-a lot of things I dont recall
-the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ community we love and respect.

as a Diablo’s fanboy since 2013 , whats not to love ?

Oh and you can get Diablo Immortal on Mobile here for free:

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