NBA 2k19 Mobile ios and android Review!

what’s going on over here the potential release date for NBA 2K 19 mobile and I said that is probably going to be released on the 11th of September and as we know right now that did not happen and I said if that didn’t happen is probably going to be released on the 20th of September we can really do is wait wait till tomorrow it’s not looking like I’m going to a couple reasons why I think it’s probably not going to be released to ask me know right now to can’t said nothing about the game so far on Twitter I tried contacting your Twitter you know the developers 2K support and I’m not got any answers man as much as I want confirmation that the game is going to be released I can make some preparations for the channel cuz right now I just have a lot of plans if the game is going to be Drive hope he’s going to be a banger off my chest with the main reason why I’m making this video is to let you guys know the potential reasons why to Canine T-Mobile might not be released and the main reason is because of money I’m explain that in a bit so to be honest you making the game or me to Canine T-Mobile there most likely going to stick with the free-to-play system looking for tonight for example look at pubg piracy and illegal downloading so as you know a lot of people on Android don’t get the game properly mods for NBA 2K 19 on mobile what is going to affect a lot of people not going to be happy because when you don’t buy the game they don’t get the money they won’t be motivated to make the game haven’t seen a lot of videos as well how to download you’re probably just mods like NBA 2K 18 for for one second. Also I recommend you get the nba 2k19 mobile here

I thought it was the actual game to let you know the potential reasons for the game not being released bro praying for the best but hoping for the best hoping that it comes out anyways or I so we Dodge Jeep and Dodge get in there we Dodge water move what are the things got like six lives are you kidding me

GTA 5 Review – Online is full of hackers?

Grand Theft Auto 5 can be incredibly fun when you are not being terrorized by a cheater or hacker. But you cannot play online for more than a couple hours before you encounter someone employing cheats such as driving/flying vehicles which cannot be damaged. Or spawning a toilet and campfire onto your character’s waist (which kills you from the fire). Or taking control of your character while you are playing. Or suddenly killing you with a bolt from the blue where, magically, no player is given credit for killing you.

In theory, you might be able to avoid the cheaters/hackers by playing in a Friends Only server. But Rockstar does not let you do anything interesting, like run your businesses, while in a Friends Only server. So you are stuck playing with random strangers which means that you WILL encounter a cheater/hacker before long. Heck, when you go online, it is likely to put you into a session which already has a cheater/hacker in it. Luckily Rockstar has a mobile version for ios and android which you can buy and play. However, I just got it for free here: gta 5 ios

Fifa 19 Mobile Guide

Here is my FIFA 19 Mobile review for the android and iOS device (iPhone XS Max)

Things I liked!!!
#1 The graphics: The game was stunning to look at. It’s a shame we didn’t get more big open areas to explore and see. Messi was lookin good, I defiantly liked his face in this more then the 2nd game.
2# I’m not sure what made them put in a part in the game where as you play as young players, maybe that uncharted had already done this. But regardless as to why, there could have been more of this. Have Mr. Croft had stuff around the house for his daughter to find and give the player interesting puzzles were they don’t have all the gadgets. Show more of Lara’s dad make the player invested in him so when he dies we feel bad just like Lara. It’s a missed opportunity.
#3 Skill tree: It was nice having a verity of thing to chose from. Made you prioritize what you thought was most important. In addition some of the new combat skills were well thought out. Some…. not so much, still though one of the best soccers games that will be released for 2019. Now how did i get my hands on the download? Simple this guy on youtube shows you: fifa 19 mobile


Nit picks. The story was not the interesting. Aside from 2 or 3 of the side quests they were not enticing and didn’t pull me into the story and make me care about the people of Paititi, which I DID want to. So many outfits you couldn’t use for over half the game. Like why put them in if you don’t let the player use them? And last, I have to say it. Not because its relevant or even makes since.. Look ultimately it doesn’t matter and it makes sense for them to be small do to how athletic she is.

Grand theft Auto 6 Beta Review

So i just finished this game, pouring 25hrs of my time to “100%” it (stuck at 99 like many others due to bad coding) and i thought it was the best one of the rebooted series. Alot of things to do, some of which are very tedious and boring but overall, very satisfied. I will list some pros and cons below to help those decide if they truly want to play this game or not.

-Amazing Graphics
-Stunning underwater sections
-tombs (a few challenges that really rack your brain)
-photograph mode (makes for some wicked backgrounds)
-smooth movement, climbing, jumping and rapelling.
-guns sound way better and perform much better than previous two titles.

If you are interested, start by playing the gta 6 beta here:

-Story isnt terrible, but decently weak.
-Unlocking many Perks provide no BIG usefulness unless planning for new game plus run.
-Outfits in this game are very lacking. No shorts or jungle girl outfit????seriously?!? (my guess is due to objectification of women/Lara)
-Alot of framerate dips (yes, my system is beastly)
-Zero enemies after game completion
-game stuck at 99% completion even with everything done. If you plan on doing this, please keep in mind it probably will bug out on you. Im just Trying to save you time.

Overall score 7/10

Buy or wait for sale?

Wait for sale.

NBA 2k19 Review

This is one of my favorite games of all time. I enjoyed the first NBA 2k19, but something was missing. It felt like there was only one optimum viable path for exploring the world even though it was “open world.” With NBA 2k19, however, the open world feels more overwhelming, in a good way, with viable choices that won’t stop you dead in your tracks if you didn’t first go explore in a different area first. There are dangers new players should avoid scattered everywhere, but they are mostly easily avoidable until you are stronger.

Second thing that comes to mind is that I love that everything is voiced, even the narrator. I don’t like sharing free stuff but, you can actually get the game for free here: nba 2k19 free download

First game was amazing, NBA improves on it in almost every way.
Devs listen to comunity and frequently update (see definitive edition, a massive overhaul that was completly free to all previous owners)
Gameplay is riveting and immersive, with deep character customization and the best turn based combat system I’ve ever experienced. This game has deep optimization possiblities for the min-maxers out there, all while keeping an immersive and interesting storyline (especially if you choose a character orgin)
For a first playthrough, I would definitly recommend playing on classic, as the tacticton difficulty cannot be switched out of in game, and is sometimes pretty unfair. (Classic mode is still pretty difficult, so don’t worry about getting bored)
I’d recommend this game to anyone who enjoys sports games (Tabletop or otherwise) and fans of turn based combat.

Photoshop CC 2018 Review



Doesn’t hold your hand and tell you what to do. Like a true artwork software, photoshop has a level of difficulty and discovery that makes every step forward feel like an achievement all on its own!

Photoshop is as close as I have seen to a realistic survival simulator, but also has fictional threats. It does a very good job of creating a sense of impending doom.

SINGLE PLAYER AND MULTIPLAYER MODES! Finally, a game that is really fun to play, that I can play with my friends, and when they need to log off, I can continue by myself! So many games being created lately are just one or the other. It’s refreshing to have the option.

Crafting is quite detailed and complex! It’s like a puzzle! “I have to make these before I can make this, and I need this to make that!” I love complicated crafting systems.

Graphics are exellent. Oh and you can get it for free: photoshop free

Map size is very large! Lots to explore!


Now remember, I said at the start, this is an opinion peice. In my opinion, it’s hard to learn theme in games has been done to death! *cough*… It would just be nice to see something new. It’s purely asthetic, as it would be easy to skin the zombies as aliens, or wild animals, or whatever.

My Spotify Review

A beautiful app that will immerse you for hours to come.
After a long run since the first using Spotify in, It has become one of the greatest series to even establish its own genre.
This game overall is very well ported given the fact that is the first time the programmers work on the PC platform. It can be controlled with keyboard and mouse, but is best designed for a controller.
In times where many games focus more on streamability, Spotify excels on smaller maps filled with life and depth that will keep you exploring not only the locale, but the behavior of the endemic life. The AI is very advanced and gives each creature a distinct personality depending of the species. Hervivores are dociles attacking only when provoked. Other monster are territorial being aggressive when you “invade” their space and others are predators, attacking anything that moves.
The developer went with more realistic visuals for this app and these are some of the most beautiful visuals you’ll see. Is not optimized to run at 60fps, but once you get past that, the gameplay is very satisfying.
Spotify allows you to steam unlimited amount of music if you have the premuim which costs real life money, but you can get it for free here: spotify free!

series. Once you get the hang of it you will be a good hunter and even a mentor for others. The game can be played with up to 4players in coop actions. You can make your group with your friends or join other players to help them take down a monster. You might get the occasional disconnect, but don’t get discouraged.
Overall is a music streaming app for all users! Highly recommend!

Here’s to an awesome game! Monster Hunter World!

I first played it on my nintendo switch, I fall in love with it, it was so great, and I played it for actual 60 hours on handheld mode, *With family in the background, and sunrays on the screen and dust* it was just so good, was so happy when this came on sale, got it for $20 and couldn’t have been happier, I also tried fallout 4 after mhw tho, wasn’t what I thought, it was way more dark, with swearing, and ghouls jump scaring me all the time,
anyway, playing monster hunter world on my pc with mods is great, and a great game overall, amazing how good and immersive a game can get. If are you looking at purchasing the game, watch this youtube clip first: monster hunter world free key

Having played Monster Hunter World for 2 years now, adding up to 200+ hours of time, I’d say I’m pretty qualified to say that this game is a good game. Just good. This game is solid at almost everything it brings to the table. The graphics are amazing, and the dreary grey looks adds the already amazing atmosphere to the game. The civil war questline, while not too long, was always entertaining for me. While the characters aren’t as memorable as Oblivion’s, I have to say that when you see Hadvar after the war, it does put a smile on your face. This game is repetetive though. Very repetitive. And the enemy types weren’t as good as Oblivion or Morrowind. Even the cliche European mythical creatures of Cyrodill that EVERYONE HAS SEEN is still 100% better than ANOTHER DAMN DRAUGUR. I have to reccomend this game to ANYONE who hasn’t played any RPG games, and to anyone who;s only played god-awful ones like U N D E R T A L E.

How i get free ps plus every year!

While Playstation has made improvements with the NEXT update unfourtunately I can’t give this game a good recommendation and the reason being is that while the game is visually impressive the gameplay is just non existent. It is a repetative lackluster mess.

Talking to aliens just seems to be filler to give the player something to do and the removing of scrap to open chests and repairing of modules is just plain laziness from the developers to give the player something top do and the crashed freighters and ships, base building and missions are just as tedious. When I walk around a planet I immediately become bored because I know that on every planet there is just going to be the same repetative, boring filler no matter where I go. Luckily I just get my free codes from this youtube video: get free ps plus

I do not feel as though my actions are meaningful and while there has been updates to the game the problem with shallow gameplay has prevailed through all of them with little attempt to fix it. The procedural generation of this game is beyond amazing don’t get me wrong but I feel as though it’s a smokescreen to cover up the blandness this game is hiding.

The NEXT update really changed it all. The game is honestly worth it’s price now and they keep pushing out free updates. flying still feels a bit clunky but that could just be me. Has a pretty good learning curve.

Save the world is actually fun as!

I had no expectations going into Save the world. I didn’t follow the specifics of the pre-launch hype and bought it on sale after the Atlas Rises update.
Having no idea of what you really do in the game, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the strong compulsion loop of mine, craft, survive, expand. There is very little thinking involved and really clear what to do next objectives – find this mineral, travel to this place, craft this thing. However, i did get it for free watching this youtube clip: save the world free

Might sound a bit empty, but after a tiring day at work, it’s a great game to switch off to. Just fly around doing busy work while getting a sense of progression.
That being said, occasionally the progression loops get out of hand.
In the NEXT update you get a base and a freigther very early on (which is great) but in order to unlock blueprints for your base you need to do the main story, and to keep progressing through the story easily, you really need to upgrade your equipement, and to do that you need to find certain elements, which you need to craft certain pieces of equipment to obtain and by this time you’ve forgotten all about your base that you just wanted to expand a little.
But still with that sense of progress within each action, you never really get bored, if only a little lost at times.
Overall, a great game to chill out to with a big chunk of content to wander towards

Also, with the NEXT update a planet in my solar system was green with no bad weather and it’s made such a difference to find a ‘safe’ planet where I’m not always worrying about my hazard suit and can build a base to go out and explore from.